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"What was the first thing you guys noticed about each other when you first started working together?"


my favourite word privileged people say is ‘if’

'if someone came up to me and said…'

'if i got bullied for who i was…'

'if the roles were reversed…'

like we don’t get ifs, we are getting harassed on the street, we are getting attacked, we are in the marginalised group who you have power over I don’t care about your hypothetical fucking situation

make me choose: silhouettic asked Sherlock or Elementary?

I’m Sherlock Holmes, I am a temporarily suspended consultant for the NYPD. This is Joan Watson and she keeps me from doing heroine.

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Abbie Mills

how I feel about this character

i love her so much she is so important. basically she’s the one who persuaded me to watch sleepy hollow, because she’s clever and brave and quick and super cute and just all-around awesome and basically she’s everything to me

all the people I ship romantically with this character

just ichabod, i think. nearly everyone else is a zombie or plain creepy or dead.

my non-romantic otp for this character

ABBIE AND JENNY THE MILLS SISTERS THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT i spend a lot of my time crying about how important they are and how far they’ve come and what happened to them and how they fixed it and learned and came back to one another and now they’re the greatest team ever and i just ;~;

my unpopular opinion about this character

umm i wish most of the time allotted to ichabod/katrina was allotted to abbie (and jenny tbh) because that would make everything like five thousand times more interesting and less…………….. shoehorned idk

one thing i wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon

she breaks out of purgatory on her own, picks up jenny, they save ichabod and katrina’s helpless booties, and bust out frank and clear his name and reunite him with his family, and then they destroy moloch together and save the world and everyone lives happily ever after.

my otp

abbie/happiness/fulfillment tbh

my cross over ship

abbie mils / joan watson

a headcanon fact

abbie always had nightmares (normal ones, not the terrifying demon-induced vision ones), and she still has nightmares about the day in the woods and what she did to jenny. and they were especially bad whenever jenny was re-admitted to the psychiatric facility. she’d wake up in cold sweat with a trilling heart and her fingers would shook when she called her sister’s number but it would go straight to voicemail and abbie would remember, she’d remember everything, and she’d just say “i’m sorry” into the receiver, and hang up.

(whenever jenny got the message, she would listen to it once and delete it. they never talked about it, ever.)

I admit I unabashedly tried to point my ass towards the camera every chance I could get, and I begged them to turn me into an eggroll. Neither attempts were successful.

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*natalie dormer voice*  //chinhands


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Elementary graphics battleRound #4
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